Sunday, 13 June 2010

Re:- T_I_N_Y (dot) C_C 's

Hi ...

It has sadly come to my attention .. ?

that the hundreds of "links"

(that i've had use of for many years)

...have suddenly all expired

(as "" DOMAIN - cannot be accessed .. by anyone)

Thus ..Please abide with me ..

whilst I go round approximately 200 websites..

and slowly update these...?

OR - simply GOOGLE a few keywords from the link...?

(that should get you somewhere ..)

OR - simply start again...





Monday, 7 May 2007

OK- now that your "here" - DO SOMETHING !!!

Any subject:- "POST" a comment -and if OK'd - it'll be "displayed for all to see".

1st - arrive at my "BLOG";

2nd - browse around a while;

and "3rdly" - everything "happen-in-threes"- "COMMENT-IT"

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